Delta Slate is proud to offer the highest quality gutter system available: Euro Gutter, USA.

Locally available gutter products have not been improved since the 1920's. Only too common a sight after snow and ice events is the twisted remains of downed gutters. If the gutter hanger is well- fastened, down with it comes the fascia board, too.

Gutters are only as good as the hangers that support them. Typical failings are that hangers supporting the gutters detach from the fascia board or open up under the weight of snow and ice.

This seamless copper gutter system originates in Bavaria, Germany. Accessories and raw material for gutter and spout fabrication are exported to the United States and distributed by Euro Gutter USA.

The Euro Gutter hanger is a continuous band of 1”X 3/16” copper plate. Each hanger is bent, according to the roof pitch, with a metal-bending tool designed for the purpose. Slate from the eaves are removed at two-foot intervals, and the hanger is screwed to the roof decking with stainless steel #10 screws. The slate is then replaced.

End caps, outlets and corner miters are typically fastened by adhesives, zip screws, crimping or solder. However, these methods are prone to failure. End caps on the Euro Gutter system are attached by sheet metal folding techniques, similar to the way the end of a tin can is fastened to the cylindrical sides.

The outlets are about three times the size of standard outlets, allowing quick discharge of rainwater and debris.

The elbows are curved at 72 deg rather than the standard 90 deg. This makes for less resistance to the flow of water and debris, decreasing the chance of blockage.

The downspouts, elbows and corner miters are brazed rather than seamed. This prevents seam-splitting and gives a more elegant look to the components.

Delta Slate Euro Gutter

The downspout brackets are bolted to the masonry or wooden house-wall with half-inch lag bolts. The eye-bolt locking the clasp that holds each downspout requires tools to release them. This discourages theft.

Each downspout is connected to a working underground outlet, or, if not available, is discharged over ground.

Clean-outs are offered, installed at waist height in the downspouts. No climbing ladders required!

Better hangers, bigger outlets and well-fastened downspouts make us proud to offer the leading gutter system available: The Euro Gutter System, USA.

Delta Slate Euro Gutter USA
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