The National Slate Association

The National Slate Association was first established in 1922 by slate quarriers. The goal was to promote the use of slate for roofing and structural applications. The standards set for slate and its installation are still adhered to today. Shortly after its formation, the organization became inactive due to lack of cohesion in the industry. However, its primary publication, Slate Roofs, remained a valuable resource, continuing to be reprinted and used throughout the quarrying, construction and design communities.

In January 2002, a historic meeting took place in Saratoga Springs, New York. A steering committee of producers, roofing contractors, architects, building owners, and other interested parties convened to revitalize the National Slate Association. Inspiration for the meeting came from Dave Leeland, Bill Marcum, Martech Associates, and Brian Stearns, et al., authors of The Slate Book, who sensed a growing interest in improving the industry.

Three months later, the National Slate Association was re-established as a non-profit, interdisciplinary, membership organization. The newly formed Board of Directors quickly grew from three, to six, to nine, with members from across the nation representing each of the key industries with a keen interest in slate roofing. Today, the National Slate Association is dedicated to promoting excellence through the development and dissemination of technical information, standards, and educational resources for the slate industry. Our members include: -Slate Roofing Contractors -Quarriers -Distributors -Roofing Consultants -Architects and Educators.

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